It is good to work at Árvakur!

The phrase above is often heard in the offices at Árvakur and we are proud of the fact that it is indeed good to work at Árvakur. This is evident from the long careers of many of our employees, quite a few of whom have worked for Árvakur for over 30 years. At Árvakur, we know that in order to be a great company, we need a diverse group of employees who have their own unique experience, knowledge and abilities. Therefore, we are always looking for employees who are ambitious and gifted, because the best investment a company can make is in a competent and talented employee.

Did you know? was the first news website in Iceland, launched on February 2nd, 1998. It was considered quite extraordinary that the news appeared on the site as soon as they were written. Since then, has been the most popular website in Iceland.

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About Árvakur

Morgunblaðið was first published on November 2nd, 1913, Árvakur bought the paper in 1919 and has published it ever since. In the last few decades Árvakur has flourished and is now a media corporation that runs the most popular website in Iceland,, two radio stations, a printing press and Edda útgáfa.

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